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Like how to serge… give the setting on the machine etc. It has petite, regular, and tall inseam lengths marked on the pattern, and a maternity version. Divide the desired cuff circumference by 4 and subtract 1 cm.

This pajama pants pattern is very simple to make up, and the pants feature a comfortable elastic waistband and cute cuffs on the bottom. Learn more now!
The Sabrina Slims is a cigarette style pants pattern with two looks – one basic pattern and one with front and back seams for visual interest. It has petite, regular, and tall inseam lengths marked on the pattern, and a maternity version.
Dress, Work & Casual Pants for Women When you wear a pair of pants with the perfect fit, it can make your whole day better. Our designer pants for women will have you getting ready for class, work, or wherever with the confidence that comes with knowing you look good.
Slinky Brand Printed Knit Skinny Pant Versatility is everything. Do yourself a favor by adding this skinny pant set to your wardrobe. Easily dress them up or down for year-round style.
Frolic among the flowers in the Floral Festival Burgundy and Yellow Floral Print Flare Pants! Lightweight jersey knit embellished with burgundy, golden yellow, and ivory floral print travels from an elastic waistband down to cute, flared pant legs.
Hips and Crotch

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If you’re unsure about patterned pants than play it safe, as I did, and wear a solid top. Pattern mixing is fun but it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes some stylish guts to wear a bold pattern on pattern. Don’t be intimidated by printed bottoms, instead, take a safe route and wear them with a solid top that matches the colors of the print.

Thanks for your feedback! My favorite pants are Jalie jeans , Simplicity trousers and Kwik Sew trousers. Wardrobe plans that are too involved with multiple garments eventually bore me. The 6PAC is small enough to get a few good coordinated basics whilst simultaneously keeping my interest.

The Eleonore looks great on you! Thanks for the thorough comparison, it is both interesting and useful. We are on the complete opposite side shape wise I guess. Barb fit me pretty much perfect out of the printer, crotch curve and all, and I had great results in woven, a stretch twill.

I suppose this means the Eleanor will be a bad choice for me: For a good pencil skirt, have you tried Bluegingerdoll Betsy? I have the same figure type and picked up the Eleanor last year. Thanks for the tip about the L shape in front. Thank you so much! I recently got the Barb pattern for signing up. I agree, I hate the thought of printing all 3 patterns to find the right size!

I think I should give the other two a try as well! Thank you for doing the grunt work for me! For someone with limited pants fitting experience, you did an amazing job on both getting the fit right and assessing your future adjustments.

Now that I have the general process down, I have more patience for the small tweaks necessary to get a good fit. We are shaped a lot alike! Is there a standard fix for eliminating this problem? Tanks for your in depth reporting!! Have you looked at https: Where I live there are very little choices in fabric shops so when I find a perfect fabric I hesitate cutting into it incase the pattern is utterly wrong for me!!

I agree with you on the Eleanores, and they are definitely on my list to sew. I made the Sabrina Slims and they looked pretty much like they do on you. We have very similar measurements. Thank you for your hard work! I love your Throwdowns! They are funny and extremely helpful, especially for someone who practically matches your shape and measurements. Thanks so much for the three great reviews! I used the tutorial linked above for the real front pockets this week, and they worked a treat!

I LOVE the pattern throwdown series. Great information, lots of good photos, honest opinions, and none of it taken too seriously. What a great review! I appreciate your time and effort….. I found your fitting information very interesting, particularly.

I have made quite a few Eleanor pants with functional front pockets and pocket stays like the Ginger tutorial and love them. I wonder how you would like the right angle crotch curve of the hot patterns patterns? I made the weekender Jean not a pull on, but could be converted and was so dubious when I pulled out the pattern piece but I love the fit! They all look great, but just from looking at the pics I liked the Elonore best on you.

I have a bit of a hard time imagining your crotch adjustment. Which of the Closet Case File fit issues did it relate to?

If you look at her photos with the red, yellow and green crotch curve lines, the green lines — the ones at closest to a right angle fit me the best. How is that band measured, sized, and attached? The waist bands are basically all applied the same way — sew the band together, tuck the elastic into the fold the Eleonore has you sew it in place first, but I skipped this option , and sew it to the waist of the pants.

I always measure the elastic around myself, then cut at a comfortable tightness — I find that to be a much better approach then following a pre-determined length of elastic in the directions.

Plus, elastic varies in stretch just like fabric, so you really want to try it on your own body before committing. They are designed for Ponte. I was just looking at the Eleanor pants yesterday. Your review helped me decide to order them.

Especially since I am in Canada, no exchange. Hope mine turn out as nice as yours. I really like the Barb from the photos. Thanks for the review. What a fantastic throw-down.

The photos and detailed narrative will help all of us to get a better fit! Glad you liked it! Thank you for the great review! I too made the Jalie Éléonore pull-on jeans and I fell in love with this pattern straight out of the envelope. The only mods I made to my second pair were lenghtening the center back seam and slimming the legs a bit starting at the knee.

After reading your review, I might attempt to make the pear-shape friendly Barb pants. I am equally intrigued and dubious of the stretch leather pants option — seems like I would be too sweaty! I can just imagine myself in a public restroom trying to pull them back up over my sweaty knees. I think it could be worse than a wet bathing suit! The wrong side of the fabric is very soft. However, I did not think about the fact that the fabric lacks breathability.

Anyway, a few hours is more than enough for date night with my hubby! Thanks for the reviews. Enjoy your Sabrina Slims — honestly, if you get the fit right on ANY of these patterns, they could all be wardrobe workhorses. Thanks for your detailed reviews of these patterns, they are very helpful, especially the details of the differences in crotch fit. You mention that you have short legs, but only needed to remove a couple of inches from the leg lengths. May I ask how tall you are, and what is your in-seam length?

Sorry, I always forget to include my height in the upfront measurements! I love your throwdowns! And then… out of sight, out of mind! Fun post as always! The inner thigh adjustment. It is one that I do regularly. I would suggest adding that? That will correct what I see from the back views that you also need a slight knock knee adjustment.

In my case it is a fat pad at my knee and not actual knock knees! You can take it out on the pattern instead if you like but I just sew it out as I finesse the legs at the end. The last time I made jeans, I used a pattern from a brand I know Diana magazine and hacked it so much that I now say it is self drafted.

I made a capsule wardrobe 2 years ago during the wardrobe contest of patternreview. And I confirm it saves a lot of time in the morning! Plus no more need to associate a brand new item with a throw-it-away-asap-please one, and I can use only self-made clothes every day because this contest forced me to go out of my comfort zone making items I thought I would never make.

Two birds with one stone! Your Pattern Throwdown stretch pants review is great! Love your sense of humor and down to Earth descriptions. I love reading your blogs. Your kind comments make it all worthwhile! I enjoyed reading your reviews Jennifer. Click here to cancel reply. I Would like to add two or three ruffles to the bottom what is your suggestion? The easiest way to do it is to add the pockets right at the seam.

Here is a great tutorial on how to do this the photos show a skirt but it is the same idea for pants as well, as they discuss. Sorry for any confusion! Hi Jaya, We are sorry to hear you are having issues downloading this pattern. Please check your e-mail, we have sent you an alternative link. Could you save a step by sewing the contrasting cuff on by folding it in half after making the seam in step 16 and 17 and sewing through all three layers at once pant leg and both layers of the cuff?

This would eliminate the need for turning up the cuff and sewing as shown in step Thanks for the pattern and instructions. Looks like a fun project. Hi, Yes you could definitely do the stitching as you just described. The main reason why the cuff was not originally constructed like that is due to us wanting to attach the cuff to the pant leg using a construction stitch of 2. If you do decide to attach the cuff as you described, I would do the stitching using a construction stitch length and just be extra careful that I am stitching in a straight line.

Just wondering can this be made out of fleece. And put elastic in ankles to make as sweat pants? Hi, Yes, you can absolutely do that- and that sounds like a wonderfully cozy idea!

When I print the written instructions for the pattern, some parts are left out. For example, part of the Printing Pattern Directions does not print. Also, Steps 12, 15 and 16 are left out. I really want to enjoy this pattern — hope you can help me. The printing issue is a setting within your printer. Please try adjusting your printer settings and try printing again. Becky, Thanks for the printing info; I got it to print correctly.

Can you verify the correct seam allowance? Yes, thank you for pointing this out! I apologize for any confusion- and again, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

We appreciate your feedback and it has been forwarded to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of new programs and offers. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction. Hello Tina, thank you for pointed out this error, we have passed it along to the proper department to be fixed. I would to learn free hand cutting at a later stage, I have used a pattern for a long time for pants, dresses and tops.

I think each pattern should have the web page information on it so that we can continue to come back here to do it again. I really like ideas.. New sewer must be given all details….

Like how to serge… give the setting on the machine etc. I very new to sewing, and I need everything in detail. Thank you for the pajama pattern, I am soon to sew up a few sets for myself, thank you for the quick course. I guess the most forgiving and ease of sewing. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to making this.

Is the pattern designed for letter size paper. We work on A4 here in the UK. Is it possible to print a check test square please? For pajama pants I like to add a side pocket in the right side seam, it makes it easier to identify the front from the back when I pull them out of the drawer. I have been wanting to make matching pajamas for Christmas and this is the perfect pattern to pair up with a t-shirt. Thanks for the pattern!! Thank you for the pattern. I find it easier to manipulate on the machine.

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