Aug 19,  · Answer 1 of Hi I'll be in Toronto in late December and am not sure what kind of coat to buy. I am eyeing a wool blend (85%wool, 18% nylon) knee length winter coat that is cream in colour. Is this a bad idea - do you think it would be warm enough? I tend to.

Hope this helps, along with the other recommendations you have received. We love their parkas for their durability and stylish take on traditional puffer jackets that are perfect for the chilly Canadian winter.

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Does the coat you're eyeing have one? The lining also makes a difference. Instead of worrying, go ahead and buy the coat. But, get a size larger, or at least big enough for 1 or 2 sweaters under it.

Layers will keep you warm better than a single heavy coat. I wear cream all the time, it will be fine for city use. The only other possibility to consider is putting off your purchase until you arrive in Michigan. There could be no snow when you arrive, or a couple inches. The snow in cities thaws and turns to slush because salt is used to melt it.

Salt leaves hard to remove white stains on fine leather. You need to get a silicone sealer for your good leather footwear, and spray on several coats. It needs to be reapplied on a regular basis. If you can't get it in the part of Australia you live in, you can get it when you arrive. The alternative is fake leather, which usually looks it, and is only waterproof to where the zipper starts in boots. If you are travelling on city buses and subways while in Toronto , then I am not sure cream would be an ideal color.

However, if you have a rental car or you will be walking everywhere you should be ok. As far as warmth, the jacket you are conisdering will probably be warm enough.

I would suggest you bringing a turtle neck sweater, for any cold days as you would be surprised how much that helps. It is important to keep your neck and head warm. So if you have the turtle neck and an extra cardigan sweater to layer, that will be beneficial. As well, I would bring a few scarves One more thing I would suggest is to buy a warm hat.

There are so many sylish hats available today, that are warm as well. If you run across a real cold day and you wear your turtleneck, throw on your scarf and hat, you would be surprised how much that will help.

I just thought of something else If you are not used to being in cold temps, you may not have a pair of warm gloves. It will not take long for your hands to get chapped and red from being exposed to the cold. Hand cream every night with help as well when you are in a cold climate. Also, as far as the cream coat goes you can always get it dry cleaned if need be. Not sure if you will be staying at a hotel, but most hotels have next day dry cleaning service.

Hope this helps, along with the other recommendations you have received. Please feel free to ask any more questions or concerns you may have,.

In addition to the great information you've already been given, I think there is merit in considering the cream coloured coat not only from the point of view of the destinations Michigan , Toronto , New York , but also what it will be like carrying through airports and on planes on the way from Australia to North America.

If it was my coat, I think I would feel a need to "baby" it during the journey in order to keep it clean. I think that would add just one more thing to worry about and would detract from my peace of mind.

I also would not like to have to give up my coat to the dry cleaners during the journey, not even for one day. I live in Toronto and usually wear a wool blend coat during the winter for my normal city-faring. Also with a scarf and mitts. For skiing I have a proper snowsuit down-filled cause otherwise I'd freeze, but I also tend to be outside on those days for 12 hours and also much further north than Toronto.

As for colour, it depends on how careful you are. I wear my coats on the bus and subway all winter long and haven't had any particular problems with dirtying them. I have also been known to wear them to impromptu snowball fights. I get them dry-cleaned at the end of the season and they end up doing okay.

Thank you everyone for your valuable advice I still haven't decided whether i'll go ahead, but it's definitely helped me understand clothing needs in Toronto and New York I am moving to Canada for a year in December, of all months to move!! Anyway, I am going skiing for xmas in Mont Tremblant , but would it be a good idea to buy a suit if I plan to do a lot of skiing or do most places hire out?? All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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Want the designer look without the designer price tag? You can find knock-off Canada Goose puffers at many of the markets on Spadina between Dundas and Queen. Some of them are dead ringers for the real thing — just don't expect designer quality. With locations in Leslieville, Parkdale and The Annex, this classy-cool consignment shop keep things tightly edited read: Still, their prices are stunning for legit designer jackets — and they'll purchase your old ones, too.

Like its sister stores Flashback and King of Kensington , this vintage shop is on Kensington Market's second main drag the road that's actually named Kensington Ave. Join the conversation Load comments. Deciem stores in Toronto are back in business. Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe has been removed from the company. Shock and confusion as Deciem stores in Toronto remain closed. Someone in Toronto is trying to sell a haunted Ikea couch.

FAO Schwarz is coming to Toronto. Miniso opening another downtown Toronto location. Posted 11 months ago. Stay in the loop Unsubscribe anytime or contact us for details. Here are my favourite places to score cheap but solid winter coats in Toronto. Value Village Local thrift stores are a first stop for many a stylish bargain hunter, and each one has their own secret source. Public Butter This Parkdale mainstay stocks the closets of Toronto's savviest vintage style hounds, and for good reason.

Cheap winter coats in Toronto, like in most cities, are generally the provenance of end-of-season sales at department stores and retail chains. Reviews on Winter Coats in Toronto, ON - The North Face, Authentic Couture, Outer Layer, The Future Of Frances Watson, Lorne's, Fiveoseven Clothing, MEC Toronto, Neon Clothing, M, Eddie Bauer. Home › Fashion › 10 Best Places To Buy Winter Jackets In The GTA. 10 Best Places To Buy Winter Jackets In The GTA Take a look at our list of the best places to buy winter jacket in the GTA and thank us when you’re not freezing your butt off later. often in Toronto it’s unnecessary. If you work in a typical office you need a.