Mar 24,  · Pros' outfits carefully scripted on golf course. When it comes to hitting a golf ball, Bubba Watson doesn't follow anyone's structure but his since the days when he began banging.

The biggest benefits of smart clothing.

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This is a list of women's professional wrestling promotions in the United States, sorted by founding date, and lists both active and defunct women's promotions from the s through the present.
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This is a list of women's professional wrestling promotions in the United States, sorted by founding date, and lists both active and defunct women's promotions from the s through the present.
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Whether your sport of choice is football, basketball, baseba Game Official Adult Costume. Sports Referee Adult Costume. Time Out Referee Adult Costume. By building touch and gesture sensitive areas on the jacket sleeve, users will be able to interact with a variety of services including music and map apps.

You'll be able to dismiss phone calls with a swipe or double tap to get directions — all without reaching for your phone. After a delayed launch, the smart denim jacket is finally ready to smarten up your commute in more ways than one. Google Jacquard smart jacket review. Sabine Seymour's fashion tech startup, Supa, mashes up neon, a heart rate sensor and AI to give you a smart bra with a tonne of personality.

It's water resistant and syncs to the Supa. AI app via Bluetooth. It'll use "invisible biometric sensors" and AI to not only keep track of workouts, but track things like UV levels, too. Supa is here to make the quantified self cool. You can get the Supa in three sizes — small, medium and large — and it comes in three distinct styles. There's the Supa heavy stripes, a blue-tinted mix and the very colourful 'colours'.

This French fashion tech company has been busy creating connected clothing, including jeans, dresses and bikinis. The Neviano UV Protect swimsuit collection is equipped with a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor that aims to stop you staying too long in the sun.

Once you've entered your skin type in the companion iOS or Android smartphone app, it'll continuously monitor the temperature throughout the day and will send out warnings when it's time to apply some more sunscreen or get into the shade. The second generation Owlet Smart Sock has all the features you know and love from the original.

It uses the same pulse oximetry technology used in hospitals to monitor the little one's heart rate, making sure his or her sleeping and breathing haven't been interrupted. It also comes in three sizes, charges via a base station and syncs to your iPhone or Android phone to deliver data in real time. New additions include improved Bluetooth range — up to feet — and better placed sensors so that there are fewer false notifications. It'll also work with Owlet's new Connected Care platform, which will help you identify potential health issues like sleep irregularities, RSV, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic lung disorders and heart defects.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 review. Despite a failed Kickstarter campaign, Komodo Technologies still found a way to launch its compression sleeve that uses electrocardiogram ECG technology to monitor heart rate activity. Komodo smart sleeve gets serious about heart rate monitoring.

Aside from offering accurate heart rate data, it monitors sleep, workout intensity and is available in two different models. Its module also has sensors on board to monitor body temperature, air quality and UV rays. While it sounds like a perfect fit for fitness lovers, the startup behind AIO hopes that it can also measure stress levels and even help detect heart inflammation and coronary heart disease as well.

We're currently putting the sleeve and sensor through its paces, so we'll see if these lofty aims are met in our full review. The Montreal-based smart clothing startup recently unveiled its latest connected shirt that's laced with sensors. Along with monitoring heart rate, breathing and movement, it's now fitted with a Bluetooth Smart sensor so you can pair your favourite fitness apps such as MapMyRun, RunKeeper and Strava, as well as a whole host of third-party accessories. Data is captured in real time and sends it all to the companion app, providing insights on a range of sporty metrics including intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level and sleep quality.

Now, with women firmly in its sights, its mission has been to finally fix the sports bra once and for all — and make it smart in the process. The OMbra records distances run, breathing rates and heart rate, and even tells you when you're recovered enough to head back to the gym. The company closed in The organization promotes matches, which typically run from 15—30 minutes in length and are more "old school" in style, throughout the United States, Mexico, and United Kingdom.

The organization operates from Kentucky. Girl Fight also sanctions a sole championship, its own heavyweight title, the Girl Fight Championship. The organization operated from Charlotte, North Carolina. Championship reigns are determined by professional wrestling matches , in which competitors are involved in scripted rivalries.

These narratives create feuds between the various competitors, which cast them as villains and heroines. The organization operated from — and produced direct-to-video matches. WOW produced a syndicated television series that ran from It held its first and only pay-per-view, WOW Unleashed , on February 4, before closing down operations shortly after. Its storylines usually are filled with erotic and sexual themes.

Because the shows have adult sexual content, audience members that attend live shows must be age 21 years of age or older. Although the promotion continues to offer taped matches on DVD and digital download, it has not promoted a live event since Although Hart stated in radio interviews that the series would debut on the Comedy Central network in fall and that Tom Arnold would be involved in the series, the pilot was not sold to any networks or distributors. The organization promotes pay-per-views featuring female wrestlers wrestling in both clothed and nude matches.

Slammin Ladies was founded on July 2, by Lexie Fyfe. It films custom matches that customers may design the match type including frequent intergender matches and book the talent.

Ricci continued to defend the title outside of HLOW after the organization closed in The company films direct-to-DVD matches that are sold as single volumes through Ring of Honor 's online store before being nationally distributed through retail outlets. It works closely with National Wrestling Superstars. Magnificent Ladies Wrestling was founded in by Thomas Darnell. It films custom matches that customers may design.

Cafarella filmed a pilot for the CRUSH series in using many of the same characters and gimmicks that were eventually reused in Wrestlicious. It films direct-to-DVD matches. Matches are held on cards promoted by various independent promotions in California and Nevada.

The promotion is not to be confused with a Japanese promotion of the same name and later Chick Fights Sun, which ran shows from to The first shoot took place in July It continued regularly after their debut. The Female Wrestling Channel was started in as the answer to Pro Wrestling not putting the ladies in front and because of Pro Wrestling having fake and pre-scripted outcomes when it comes to their matches.

The website features no nudity and implores fans to support the rare ladies who are willing to wrestle in a competitive and real fashion.

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