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It's academic, but true, that in a city with "extreme" walking steep hills and so on Mary Janes are also just so, SO comfortable, but of course that's not really the point. At rest stops, gas stations, stores, or restaurants, i get such a high when i feel like someone does a double take. Boots can be made from a variety of materials, although the main focus in the construction of a boot is typically to provide comfort and warmth. She's actually the tallest among all of us.

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Make sure you check these 11 out of style clothing trends to dump from your closet! Square-toe Shoes. If you're only going to ditch one out of style clothing trend, make it this. Nothing screams late 90's more than chunky-soled, squared-toe dress shoes. Flat front with no cuff is the way to go. Stop wearing flip flops unless you;re.
Oct 12,  · Trainers arent allowed generally, and white shoes are normally ok, but I wouldn't recomend due to the fact they'll go in white and come out black as nightclub floors are filthy! Don't wear t shirts with logos or anything on, my friend wasn't allowed in with a G-star t shirt on Friday.
Women's Shoes. Shoes for women have been crafted by a wide variety of brands, ranging from Adidas and Nike to Clarks and Tory Burch. There is also a wide variety styles to select from, including boots, heels, and athletic shoes to name a few.
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cocktail frocks and flat shoes by imogenl featuring short cocktail dresses Look for shoes that have some embellishment, sheen and or sparkle which makes them appear more formal. Finer straps, rather than chunky ones will keep your shoes dressier.

The schoolgirls didnt' seem to notice although some older shoppers did. After a few confidence-building pints I went to their restroom and retrieved my Mary Janes from my backpack, first pulling on some pretty triple-roll white socks. I buckled myself in literally and metaphorically and headed out onto a busy pre Holiday Haight. One might think that this is no big deal in such a venue but one thing about SF is that there are not actually crossdressers and drag queens at every turn: So I strode out and this time I could see many passers by doing a double take.

I was just wearing men's pants although I did think to hitch them up a bit so that the shoes and socks were well shown. A small voice said: One really runny thing happened. There were several panhandlers, of course.

But you get a more intelligent kind of panhandler in SFO I guess. As I walked past bear in mind he was sitting so got a pavement-level view of my attire he changed from saying "any spare change? I then took the bus to downtown SF and walked around there a good deal. There is a gothic lolita clothing store there "Angelic Pretty" which I had previously noticed and decided to check in with them but in the event they had a sudden rush of clientele and only one assistant so I ended up leaving without a purchase.

All in all I feel I have reached a new level of sissyhood and confidence in my ability to walk in sissy footwear without too much fear. It's academic, but true, that in a city with "extreme" walking steep hills and so on Mary Janes are also just so, SO comfortable, but of course that's not really the point. Pretty is the point, always and what it's about.

I encourage all lovers of women's shoes and socks to wear them with male drab and enjoy the great high the comes from buckling into girly footwear and striking out shopping, movie-going or whatever.

I will be wearing Mary Janes often looking for more pairs in patent: I will try to get some photos when I do. A year or two ago I would never have thought I'd have the confidence to ask "would you mind taking a photo of me" in Mary Janes but now I know I would.

I just love being a sissy shoe wearing sissy and enjoyed reading others' similar accounts in this thread. Edited by synonymous trends member 6 years ago. Typically when I get comments about my femme ballet slippers or moccasins out in public, they come from a teenage girl or young woman.

The vast majority of the comments I receive are favorable. Females in general seem especially interested in my ballet slippers, and many ask if I'm a dancer. I do take classes, but my desire to wear the slippers goes way beyond just ballet training!

It's especially fun when I happen upon a female wearing the same or similar mocs or slippers as mine. That happened just a couple weeks ago -- I had a nice conversation with a cute teen girl about our nearly matching soft sole suede slip-on moccasins. You just never know what cool things might happen when you indulge yourself in your femme footwear fetish! Women instantly notice im wearing girly shoes as they are all open toe so i can show my girly painted toenails off.

Richard 6 years ago. I still feel nervous wearing women's shoes in public. So, I only wear them at the movies or in a park. However, I like to play with my shoes. I'll change in the parking lot into my nylons and ballet flats or pumps. Give them a good playing around before I walk around the park or go into the movies. I always like to dip my shoes while at the counter so the folks in line behind me know I've got on women's shoes.

While at the park I like to dangle my shoes while sitting on a picnic table. I like to watch them drop to the ground. My adrenaline boils over when a runner passes by and sees my shoe just lying on the ground and me swinging my shoeless nylon feet.

I find that when in heels it's disarming towards women, and I get approached quite a lot, in a reversal of conventional gender stereotype, which I find as a really positive change. Now those of you who believe The Game by Neill Strauss, will understand the concept of "peacocking" which is an extrovert display in some form, the heels is something extreme and wild, it piques curiosities. Add to the fact that there is an immediate and obvious shared experience, which makes for a wonderful ice breaker.

That an admiration in awe that I, a man can strut in heels far higher than they could barely stumble around in admittedly, larger feet means that I can tolerate more heel. Unfortunately, there are still a great deal of narrow minded people men in particular who aren't willing to accept anything beyond the percieved norm. Mix in alcohol or religion and this could be a rather volatile mix.

I'm quite petite and wear a men size 6, that are all but impossable to find, so i wear womens size 8. And womens petite jeans as I can buy them and they fit.

No one notices the short transgender wearing womens clothes. Does anyone like Nike Air Rift trainers. They look a lot like Mary Jane shoes to me with the strap? I don't like the split toe feature, though.

Trendy 6 years ago. So i prefer to buy women sneakers, and why not ballet flats too. A female cabin attendant gave a nice knowing smile. I have yet to try it, but I did spot a guy a week ago while I got lunch at a Panera wearing black ballet flats.

It looked so good and right, and it has emboldened me to the point where I am shopping for a pair for myself. He was a tech type, in jeans and a polo.

I described him to a couple of female friends who encouraged me to do it, suggesting if not jeans, then khakis. This shouldn't be a hard thing to do or accept, but I admit I'm nervous about it. He didn't receive any notice that I could discern except mine. I wish I had talked to him. Trendy 4 years ago. I love wearing my ballet flats in public dressed in a man mode, but i use to wear my sun glsses, so i can check if somebody is staring at my feet, i love it, over all when a woman takes into account and look to me from my feet to may head and other time to my feet in ballet flats.

I am a straight married guy and I have been wearing gals sandals - in public - since I was a teen. Twenty years ago I started wearing high heeled sandals and never looked back. I like the look and feel of gals sandals, guys shoes are just to ugly for me.

Besides it fun and no one really cares Me too married guy been wearing women's keds for 40 years every day any wear for work and business dress I wear black leather women's keds in size 12slim. I own plus pairs of keds, a dozen or so women's sperry cloud cvo in bright colors.

I have had many many positive commets and once in awhile a sex comment. Nothing is better then a pair of new red keds. Edited by sixinhistilettos member 2 years ago. Our social programming puts people in the perception of perverted shame for wearing attire that doesn't have societal approval.

Even the great Joan of Arc was burned at the stake under the accusation she wore men's attire in her activities. Such narrow-mindedness comes from the resulting attitude that began when society took away a part of our natural stewardship for choosing our own attire that fits our taste in expressing our personality. The definition and our understanding of real men and women is tainted by the stereotyping society originated in its version of human classifications.

The gender theory matches masculinity and femininity respectively with male and female attributes, but in reality gender and the sex of a person aren't really connected.

We have been taught to expect these traits according the their stereotype, but the complexity of real human beings doesn't bear this out. Why do some men and women seem more in their element when they exhibit the traits of the other's stereotyping? Women in business or manly attire has become accepted, if not expected occurrences in our daily activities. So why is it such a stretch to consider that men have the capacity to desire the aesthetically attractive attire women have been given the choice to wear?

The confessions in the comments here and other internet sites have proved this desire exists, yet these are seen as activities of perversion and degradation, when they are actually desires or tastes within the natural processes for being human. The presentation of this concept comes from personal experience for I too have the manly desire to wear the type of high heeled footwear you've obviously noticed I used for my avatar. Everyone has their own set of tastes and desires.

The idea that I could force my preferences on you, would most likely lead to contention or conflict of sorts. So why is it that society gets away with doing this very thing? If you don't like what I want to wear, then don't wear it and let me have the satisfaction that comes when I wear it.

Should our taste present an interest in the same thing, then both of us could share the joy for its availability, hopefully in our size. Respect, tolerance, and compassion are the key to correcting the injustice society promotes in trying to control the choices individuals are naturally endowed to do on their own.

No one else knows what you like to do at every point of your life, nor do they have your perspectives. The good intentions of others may help us to consider alternatives, but we have the ability to choose from our preferences, especially for our appearance. I cant remember if I replied to this question before but hey who's counting, anyway it's been running for 7 years! I read the previous submission with great interest, hit the nail on the head, if you enjoy wearing what you wear, get on with it and stop worrying about what folks think.

I have loved girls shoes since I was a kid, on one occasion wore my sister's red t bar sandals, they were beautiful, she hardly wore them anyway but my parents didn't like the idea and I promptly got bought some boys shoes, appropriate to my gender and society's expectations.

I went through my life loving those girls strap shoes, in the US called maryjanes and in the UK bar shoes. My wife wore them and then her daughter did too, probably got sick of wearing them, eventually daughter grew out of them and began wearing shoes more suitable to her profession together with business suits.

Eventually, not getting any younger I decided that I would not only love my girly shoes but begin wearing them both at home as well as in public. Initially just black ones but gradually I became bolder and now have various colours and styles. I am no longer ashamed to wear red maryjanes with white, pink or red socks in public, I don't see anyone staring, occasionally a kid will do a second take and look at mum and point at me, but that's rare. At home I am comfy in skirts and tops and have a collection of skirts, flared and straight in different colours, kilts, and a few plain pleated skirts.

I have one straight denim skirt that gets worn a lot in the summer but for the moment I wear a warm flared skirt with opaque coloured or black tights. All of which I pair with my now growing collection of ballerinas and maryjanes.

I hate high heels and cannot understand why women wear them for certain they ruin their posture. I guess they do because they think that they look sexier in them?

Patti Anne 2 years ago. I am finding the world more accepting each day of t-girls like us. I presume it is all the appropriate restroom talk and debate that is giving us greater exposure and to some degree beginning to desensitize the public to t-girls.

Caitlyn Jenner's TV show has also placed us in a positive light. I presume Hollywood will follow by adding transgendered roles in TV shows and movies. When the jacket is unbuttoned, the bra is quite evident.

The most difficult moment was going through TSA security with my jacket and wedges off. I always wear nail polish, this time mauve on the toes and a light, sheer pink on the fingers.

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