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Wang was born in San Francisco, California, to Chinese-American parents. He has a brother named Dennis. At 15 years old, Alexander Wang went to a summer design program at Central Saint Martins. Wang attended elementary and middle school at the Harker School. He went to boarding school in Pebble Beach, CA at Stevenson School for 9th senonsdownload-gv.cfion: Parsons The New School for Design, New York City.
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Alexander Wang is an American fashion designer who was born in As a Native California, Alex was born and raised in San Francisco and has a Chinese-American family heritage. At the age of 18, he moved to New York City where he attended Parsons Design School and partook in .
Alexander Wang Innovation. Alexander Wang's innovative company culture has to be ingrained within the work culture, and adopted by new hires. All Alexander Wang employees should have the innovative mentality to have a successful innovative culture.
This Alexander is an individual named Alexander Wang, 55 years old, related to Grace Shih, Chihhuei Wendy Wang, Hsieh Wu Wang, Joseph Wang, and Jy An Wang. We found Alexander .
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