Informal attire, also called international corporate attire, Western business attire, business/office wear or tenue de ville is a dress code, typified by a suit (and a necktie for men). On the scale of formality, informal attire is less formal than semi-formal.

Please dismiss the thought of wearing sweat pants, if it was hovering in your mind.

Business casual is the dress code suited in the professional environment; there is no better way to make a good impression. Business casual for women simply refers to presentable clothes that offer a relaxed and professional appearance.
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LEVELS OF PROFESSIONAL DRESS & BUSINESS CASUAL Remember, you want an image that exudes you are: Credible, Trustworthy and Professional. Fashion permits the showing of some toe for women, but 4 LEVELS OF PROFESSIONAL DRESS & BUSINESS CASUAL .
Formal business wear for women is frequently expected, even in semi-formal or casual settings, especially in industries traditionally dominated by men. Women’s formal business attire requires a business pantsuit or dress, or a knee-length shirt with blouse and jacket, and polished pumps with heels.
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Your Basic Business-Casual Guidelines

Men’s Casual Business Wear

Jun 20,  · Once upon a time, almost everyone wore business suits to job interviews. “If you watch old television shows and movies from the s, men wore suits and ties and women wore nice dresses .

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Business Casual Accessories, the “Danger Zone”

That said, even if dress is more casual, it may show ambition to dress it up a bit. For her: From tailored pants to dresses (not more than an inch or two above the knee), women have options. Aim to keep footwear relatively conservative. Business Casual for Women How you dress says a lot about your personality, especially in the workplace. When you’re in a position, no matter what it is, you always want to look your best, you never know what opportunities could come your way, and you certainly want to look professional at all times. Business Professional Attire vs. Business Casual Attire One reason that it's important to ask, is that you could have interviewed on a dress-down work day, so don't assume that the way you see people dressed is how you should dress on the job.